What is it like to deliver love?

February 04, 2019
What is it like to deliver love?
By Harmony of the Gorge & Wind-Masters Choruses
Every Valentine’s Day, chorus quartets experience the excitement of delivering an expression of love with a Singing Valentine in four-part barbershop harmony. This year, we have three quartets ready for more loving deliveries.
Our local women’s Harmony of the Gorge Chorus, and the men’s Wind-Masters Chorus are again working and singing together to deliver Singing Valentines in the Gorge on Valentine’s Day. 
“Valentines is the best singing day of the whole year because there is no better job on planet earth,” said Linda and Jim Green, members of our new mixed quartet.  “We get to see eyes light up and sometimes tears of joy as we sing heartfelt songs to the recipients.”
Singing Valentines include two love songs, roses or chocolates, and a personalized greeting card with the sender’s personal message.
This year the quartets will make deliveries in Stevenson, White Salmon/Bingen, Hood River Valley, The Dalles, Dallesport, and points inbetween. The fee is $35 for the standard delivery of a single rose or box of chocolates.  A dozen red roses can be delivered for $65.  Phon-o-grams can be ordered for $15 to any phone number in North America.
Both choruses are 501(c)3 non profits.  All earned funds from the Singing Valentines help to support a Gorge-wide scholarship program.  
For more information and to place an order, call the Singing Valentine’s hotline at 541-490-2481 or visit HarmonyoftheGorge.com
About the choruses
Harmony of the Gorge and Wind-Masters Chorus are strongly committed to serving the mid-Columbia communities. In 2018, the choruses performed at the Discovery Center, SpringFest, Oregon Veteran’s Home, Down Manor, Parkhurst, Anderson Funeral Home, Flagstaff, Hunting With Heroes, Hawk's Ridge, Columbia Basin Care Facility, Fourth-of-July parades, Hood River’s First Friday, The Grotto in Portland, Christmas celebrations in Hood River and White Salmon, our shows in October, and more.
Men and women who love to sing are invited to come visit the two choruses during their separate rehearsals which start at 6:30pm, every Thursday, in different rooms of the Hood River Valley Christian Church, 975 Indian Creek Road, Hood River, Oregon.